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A Cut Above the Rest: 5 Ideas for Promoting Barbershop Websites

Barbershop Websites

A Cut Above the Rest: 5 Ideas for Promoting Barbershop Websites

If you run a barbershop, your website can be a great source of customers, provided it’s well marketed. We take a look at how to promote barbershop websites.

Barbering is the fastest-growing profession in the U.S.A

That means competition has never been so fierce! It is more important to make sure that your business and website stand out about the rest. But this isn’t always as easy as it sounds.

Don’t worry! We are here to help. Read on for our top 5 tips on how to make your barbershop websites stand out from the pack.

1. Brand Identity

Big or small, your business needs a brand identity. This is:

  • The values your business represents.
  • The look of your shop.
  • Professional appearance of your website.
  • The tone of your marketing.

Having a strong brand will set you out as experts in your field and trustworthy to your customers. Your brand should influence every decision you make for your website – sell yourself!

2. Website SEO

Make sure your barbershop website doesn’t lack written content. Optimize your website for search engines by giving signals of what you’re about.

A good tip would be to write at least 500 words of quality content on home pages. Here are some basics that are vital to your home page:

  • Use headers for your name primary keywords.
  • Include keywords in your titles and descriptions.
  • Don’t overuse keywords – Use them every now and then.
  • Link keywords to landing pages for services.

3. Local SEO

You’re a local business, with a local audience. When it comes to your online presence, you want to be more visible to your local community.

Google uses a Local Pack to display results. This shows a map of your location along with three local businesses matching the query. To qualify, you have to add your business to Google My Business.

This is a free service where you can list details about your business with Google. The more information you give the better. Make sure to keep contact information and addresses exactly as they show on your website.

4. Reviews

When you please your customers, each haircut can boost your marketing. If someone Google’s you, they will check your reviews before making a decision.

Ask happy customers to give you a positive review. In your industry, you get a unique opportunity to form relationships with customers.

Be sure to respond to any negative reviews. Assure people you are taking steps to improve services. If there is a legitimate complaint, reach out to the customer directly. Many people change their opinion if they feel you value their feedback.

5. Mobile Accessibility

Being mobile-friendly is vital for today’s businesses. It needs to be accessible and load quickly. It’s so important that Google has started testing a mobile-first index.

Ignoring this won’t make your site disappear from the results list, but it could see you place lower on the list. Test your site to see if there are ways you can improve page loading speeds. Ensure you’re giving the best customer experience.

Successful Barbershop Websites

barbershop websitesIf you follow these tips, your barbershop website will not only be distinctive to your business but also boost your Barbershop’s reach.

They will help you appear top of the list when people search for Barbershop Websites and show the clear quality of your service.

Now you know how to make your website stand out, check out our web design advice. This will give you some techniques and secrets to help push your website even further.


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