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Cleaning Business Marketing: 5 Unique Ways to Market Your Cleaning Business

5 Unique Ways to Market Your Cleaning Business

Are you looking to get the word out about your cleaning business? If so, read on to learn five unique ways to market your cleaning business.

A cleaning business is something that’s never going to go out of style. All the robotic vacuum cleaners in the world can’t replace good ol’ fashioned elbow grease.

Since it’s such a steady market, you might find yourself facing a lot of competition in your area.

Below, you’ll find five unique ways to stand tall above the crowd and gather a roster of clients to keep you busy all through the year.

1. Share What Makes You Different

Take a close look at the competitors. What do they feature as their most enticing service? What can you offer that’s different?

Perhaps you’ll focus on green products, or fullscale window washing, or some additional offering unique only to you.

Encourage your clients to write reviews that emphasize what makes you different. What would be really nice is if you could feature an extensive array of 5-star reviews.

2. Start a Blog

A business that runs a blog… Not unique. However, what you post can be unique.

What type of cleaning tips can you offer that the crowd will love? Are there any tricks of the trade you’d be willing to offer?

Also, your blog doesn’t have to be strictly cleaning-related. Feel free to branch out into other related areas.

For example, you might want to post about the benefits of clean-burning candles or a healthy amount of indoor houseplants.

3. Master Instagram

Do you ever wonder how people go on to become Instagram influencers? They work hard at it and they post every day.

They post eye-catching, bright photos. And they hashtag the heck out of each photo.

If you have a good relationship with a handful of your clients, ask them if they’d grant their permission to post a picture of the gleaming countertops or the radiant bookshelves.

Instagram is very much worth the time, from a marketing perspective. Especially in this line of work, a clean home lends itself well to photo opportunities.

4. Knock On Doors

Now, this is quite unique. An old school marketing tactic still works in this line of work. Knock on restaurant doors when you know the traffic is slow and the manager is available.

Drop by the management office of apartment complexes and speak to the staff member in charge. Wouldn’t it be lovely if you were the cleaning company that was hired to clean every apartment after tenants move out?

5. Never Cut a Corner!

This, too, would make you a unique house cleaner. Never cut a corner. Never forget to wash a baseboard or mop behind the toilet.

This will undoubtedly make you stand tall above a crowd of cleaners who rush in and out and do a feeble job.

When you can unerringly offer a fabulous finished product, clients will be more than happy to post those reviews, allow you to share on Instagram, and help you knock on doors by referring you to their neighborhood friends.

A Cleaning Business for the Ages

cleaning businessSome of these tips aren’t earth-shattering i.e., starting a blog. But, how you approach the marketing task can boost your cleaning business to the top tier.

Here at Vallance Media, we can help you market your business until its overflowing with loyal clients. When you’re ready, we can design an eye-catching website for your business.

Beyond a pretty site, we’ll also help you rank well when business and homeowners do a quick search for the best cleaning services in the area.

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