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It’s Electric!: 5 Electrifying Ideas to Promote Your Electrician Business

5 Electrifying Ideas to Promote Your Electrician Business

Are you looking to take your electrician company to the next level? If so, read on to learn about five electrifying ideas to promote your electrician business.

You already know you’re an awesome electrician. But are you the best?

That’s for your customers to decide. And we’re going to teach you how to get them to say it.

Below are the top 5 essential marketing tips for becoming the best electrician in town in the eyes of your public. Read on to learn more.

1. Figure Out What You’re Selling And Who You’re Selling It To

Most electricians, including your competition, aren’t offering all services to all people. It’s hard to market and to manage.

It’s likely you’ve already chosen your specific focus in your field. But whether you have or not, let’s evaluate that decision to be sure.

The first thing to do is look at the services most widely-offered by your local competition. Perhaps you specialize in new construction projects. But if there’s heavy competition in that service, and low competition in electrical maintenance and repair, you may want to switch your niche.

Of course, it’s not always possible to switch if your business is already established. But no matter what your niche or level of competition, you can still base your marketing strategies on what makes you the best.

Again, check out your competition. Surely there’s something you can offer that they don’t, or that you can do way better than any of them.

Once you’ve confirmed your niche and your advantages in it, you’ll know exactly who you’ll be marketing to.

2. Create a Company Mascot

Now that you have the perfect target audience in your sights, you can begin aiming all your marketing efforts at them. Start by thinking up a mascot for your company.

This doesn’t mean you have to wear an oversized animal costume on TV. Your mascot is simply whatever way you can personify your unique electrician business.

In the last step, you discovered what it was that made you unique among your competition. Think of it as a person.

What would he/she look like? What would he/she sound like? What kind of personality and outfit would they have?

When you come up with your mascot, write it down for reference. From there, you can either make it a literal, costumed advertising character or simply the unseen background personality/voice of your company.

3. Parade Your Mascot Around Town

Here’s where things get really fun. Now that you have your mascot, it’s time to introduce him to everyone in town.

If you’re the traveling repair/maintenance type of electrician, pimp your ride. Paint or print an attention-grabbing design, unique to your company’s personality, on your van.

It’s worth it to hire a professional graphic designer to make your van unforgettable to local residents. They can also help you with a color scheme and logos for your van and uniform.

And always show up at trade shows with impressive displays of your electrical skills, knowledge, fun demonstrations, and giveaways. As an electrician, there’s no end to the creative way you can use lights and other gimmicky electronics in your advertising. From light-up logos on your van to electronic gizmos you hand out at trade shows, impress your public with your skills.

4. Have The Best Electrician Website For Your Target Audience

With your mascot as inspiration, create the best electrician website ever for your unique target audience. Make sure you use hyperlocal language and keywords to draw in locals.

If your target is homeowners, that usually means families. Make your website fun, interactive, and educational for kids. Consider hiring an app developer to create simple browser games for you. These can teach the basic principles of electronics or easy maintenance tips.

A commercial-focused electrician business needs a more professional approach. But there’s still a way to provide value enough to outdo your competition online.

What’s your most valuable asset? It’s your knowledge.

An electrician is a specialist. That means your whole career is based on the fact that you are smarter in your field than all your customers.

So use it. Put your vast volumes of specialized knowledge on your blog for interested clients to stumble upon.

And always hire professional help to design and optimize your website. Choose a web design/SEO company that has a proven track record of optimizing local, specialized business websites for search engines.

5. Video Marketing

Because of your valuable knowledge, video marketing is essential for your business. Every blog topic you create should also be used to create a video (that, in turn, refers back to your website). Done right, this will boost traffic on your website and brand awareness on YouTube.

Video demonstrations are also hugely valuable to your customers. Within your blog, videos can be used to demonstrate your point instead of text or images. These also work amazingly as standalone YouTube videos.

But the best way for electricians to use video marketing is “how to” video content. With your extensive knowledge, there is literally no end to what you can teach with these. And these are exactly the help that 91% of smartphone users are looking for when completing a task.

Best Electrician Marketing Strategies

electricianWith the right marketing, you’ll be as successful as you are skillful. Use these tips to be the best electrician in town and online.

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