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Event Planner Marketing: 5 Creative Ways to Promote Event Planning Agencies

Event Planner Marketing: 5 Ways to Promote Event Planning Agencies

As an event planner, it’s important to keep the diary full. We take a look at 5 creative and effective marketing ideas for event planning agencies.

Event planning agencies are gaining popularity, and not in the way you might think. They’re not only focused on weddings, anymore. Roughly 79% of marketing agencies cited events as a way to promote branding and sales.

So, the job of an event planner is evolving. With this change, it’s important to think of marketing in a different, more robust way. Here are some modern tips for marking your event planning agency for today’s events.

5 Amazing Marketing Tips for Event Planning Agencies

Don’t get stuck in a rut. Market your event planning business the smart way. Use these tips to help find prospective clients and build business relationships.

1. Get Into A Trade Show

Trade shows are one of the first steps hosts take in planning an upcoming event. You can find them for weddings and conventions in most large cities. There are trade shows and conventions specifically for event planners, too.

Use trade shows to network with potential clients and other event professionals. Start marketing yourself for a broader market. If you do, you’re sure to stay busy!

Event planning is something you can work with your clients on from the very day they decide to host an event. Set up a table and start showing them what you can do to make their big day or event easier.

Make sure you have attractive, colorful brochures. Hand out business cards they can take with them after the show.

2. Work Your Social Media

Dust off your Facebook account and start advertising. Create a business page and set up ways for your clients to contact you via social media. Offer deals and discounts that people are sure to want.

Write brief articles with event tips, tricks, and information. Then, share them! Grow your followers, and you’ll soon have clients contacting you for services!

3. Socialize to Network

You need to get out there and make yourself known. Visit businesses that also cater to your clients. Get to know the owner and employees as well as you can.

Always greet them when you see them out and about in the community. Leave your business card. Try to become a recommended professional on their lists.

Here are some local businesses you should work with.

  • Florists
  • Bakeries
  • Gown and Tux Shops
  • Venues
  • DJ Services
  • Photographers
  • Journalists and News Professionals

Every event starts with one of those vendors. People ask them for recommendations all the time. These professionals can recommend you if they know who you are.

4. Create a Digital E-Book

You know your event stuff! Now, write a book about it. Self-publish an e-book that you can share with clients.

Wondering how writing a book help you market your business? Easy. Your e-book includes tips and tricks every event host can use. It also includes plenty of SEO keywords to help you rank higher in search engines.

You send it to prospective clients, share it on social media and advertise it on your blog and website. You’ll rank above other event planning agencies in searches. You’ll get the call first.

5. Offer SEO Content on Your Blog

Speaking of SEO, let’s use it to your advantage on your blog, as well. It’ll work the same way as your e-book. SEO keywords drive up your ranking and putting you first in line for prospective clients.

All you need to do is write articles and how-to advice on event planning topics. Your clients will appreciate the content. You’ll also establish yourself as an authority in the market.

Get Creative, Market it!

event planning agenciesDon’t wait for clients to call you by traditional means. Successful event planning agencies put themselves out there where the clients are. Get the exposure you need to keep the books full of clients.

Looking for help with your website or SEO content and marketing? We’d be happy to help! Contact us, today.