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Why You’re Already Dead If You Don’t Know the Importance of Email Marketing

You’re Already Dead If You Don’t Know the Importance of Email Marketing

Not getting enough traffic? Some would say if you don’t use email marketing, you’re already dead. Learn the whys and hows here.

It seems like people have been asking, “is email marketing dead?” forever. The answer is “not even close.”

In fact, the importance of email marketing has become more obvious as time goes on.

Last year, people around the world sent an average of 281 billion emails every day. That’s 76 billion more than the daily average for 2015.

Truth is, you’re already dead in the water when it comes to marketing if you stay blind to the benefits of email marketing.

The future of emails in marketing looks pretty bright, and here’s why.

You’re Already Dead if You’ve Missed These Statistics

You could say that the number of emails sent and received has little to do with how many actually met the mark.

We have statistics to back that up too.

Internationally, 99% of people check their email every day. So you have almost 100% chance of getting an email in front of customers.

People rely on the digital world for news, weather reports, product updates, and special retail marketing offers. Emails work because it’s more convenient for people to have information come to them than it is to search online for answers.

What is email worth to you? The ROI for email marketing is about 38:1 per dollar spent.

It’s no surprise then that 48% of marketers have increased their budgets for email marketing since 2017.

Should you do the same? Read on to find out why email marketing is important for your business, too.

The Importance of Email Marketing for Your Business

By now you’ve realized that email marketing isn’t going anywhere soon. It’s time you tried it for yourself.

Here are some of the tips that successful email marketers want you to know.

1. Get as Many Email Addresses as you Can

You can ask customers for their addresses when they buy goods from you, or you can offer some kind of reward in exchange for an email address.

Most people are curious by nature and do not mind receiving information on the latest in-store promotions and deals.

2. Target Your Mails

As far as possible segment your mailing list so that you only send customers information that applies to them.

For example, you can send them details about products that complement things they have already bought.

Personalize your emails. People are 5% more likely to open emails that are directly addressed to them.

3. Subject Lines are Super Important

Nobody likes a boring subject line. Intrigue your readers with a subject line they can’t resist. Get creative and keep careful track of what works best for your brand.

4. Be Responsive

You don’t need a statistic to tell you that most people check their mail on their phone.

It’s not difficult to design email communication to suit both desktop and mobile users. Most email automation software will do it for you, even the free ones.

Bring Your Business Back to Life With Marketing

importance of email marketingIn short, we can’t emphasize the importance of email marketing enough.

As long as people are reading email there will be opportunities to market to them via this medium.

So yes, you’re already dead to your customers unless you get on board with the latest marketing tools.

Stay tuned to our blog or get in touch today for more about how to market the smart way.

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