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Say Cheese!: 5 Photography Marketing Ideas That Will Make Your Clients Smile

Photography Marketing Ideas That Will Make Your Clients Smile

With all the other photography businesses out there, how will you make yours stand out? Check out these photography marketing tips.

There were almost 50,000 professional photographers working in the US in 2017 and it’s likely that number has increased in the past year alone.

This doesn’t even include the millions of selfie-takers and filter-using people who claim their photos are just as good as a professional’s. That’s why it’s more important than ever to find ways to promote your business and show off your talents.

Photography marketing doesn’t have to be hard. In fact, the best way to do it is by doing what you love already: taking photos. Here are five ideas you can start implementing to attract more clients and promote your business.

1. Start a Photo Blog

Every photographer has a different way of capturing people and the world around them. The way a leaf is resting on a windowsill, the dynamic contrasts of urban environments, whatever it is that catches your eye every day, take a photo and upload it.

Then write a small explanation for why you took it. What it is you were trying to capture.

Then share it on your social media channels for the world to see. Even if you only get a few views or likes, people will appreciate seeing your photography. You’ll also be staying at the top of both their newsfeeds and their minds if they ever decide they need a photographer.

2. Referrals are Your Friend

Photography can be a very personal and intimate experience for people. And many don’t like getting their photos taken by friends let alone strangers.

That’s why word of mouth is so important. It takes you from an anonymous photographer to someone that can be trusted. Set up a referral scheme to reward those who introduce you to others.

3. Reach Out to New People

Find people you want to photograph and see if they are interested. From friends and acquaintances to complete strangers, if someone catches your eye they’ll likely feel flattered if you contact them.

But that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t charge them either.

Since it is you reaching out to them it makes sense to offer them a discount. Something like: “Hey, I’m a professional photographer and I absolutely love your style, my sessions normally cost X but I’m willing to give you an X% discount if you’d be interested. Here’s my website so you can see the sort of work I do [link].”

It not only helps you find new clients but also take the type of photos that you want and build your portfolio.

4. Help Out Charities

The people who run charities always have huge hearts and incredible intentions.

But that doesn’t mean their branding and business is well run and it’s unlikely they can afford a professional photographer. If you find a cause that you want to help and volunteer at anyway, why not also offer to do photos for them?

Every post they make on their website and social media channels can have your tag and link to your website. It not only boosts your profile among hundreds or even thousands of followers, but you’ll be making yourself healthier.

5. Be a Photography Marketing Pro: Put on a Public Event

Photography MarketingFeeling ambitious? Then put on an event that will get people talking and interested in your work.

Bring a sofa to a park and invite people to pose on it for photos. Set up a selection of imaginative scenes for people to enjoy and snap some shots of them interacting.

Whatever you decide to do, get creative, have fun with it, and set it up so that you can take a ton of interesting photos.

Hone Your Style

The more photos you take the more you will develop your skills and own unique perspective.

Photography marketing should always put your images at the front. Over time you will build up enough photos and clients to begin specializing and that is what people will reach out to you for.

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