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Plumb Like a Pro: Top Plumber Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Client List

How to do marketing for a plumbing business?

The Top Plumber Marketing Ideas to Grow Your Client List

Are you looking to bring more clients into your plumbing business? If so, read on to learn about the top plumber marketing ideas to grow your client list.

If you’re one of the 555,900 plumbers in the US, then you’re probably wondering what to do to stand out from the crowd and grow your client list.

Luckily for you, we’ve compiled a list of trusty plumber marketing tips to help with precisely that. Let’s dive in!

1. Publish a DIY Guide

If you don’t already have a blog on your website, create one. On there you can start a series of DIY guides. Here you can advise homeowners on how to handle typical plumbing problems that arise time and again.

If you’re unsure how to structure these pieces, consider the following formats:

  • A series of articles (accompanied by photos to help explain your instructions)
  • An infographic giving step by step instructions
  • A video tutorial – this is great because you can then build a presence on YouTube as well

Or, if you’re feeling adventurous – try a combination of all three mediums!

This may feel like a lot of time and work, but trust us, once people find your guides they’ll become aware of your plumbing business. As such, they’re far more likely to contact you and ask for your services- mainly for larger jobs!

2. Claim Your Google My Business Listing

If someone needs a plumber, there’s a good chance they’ll head straight to Google. This is why claiming your Google My Business listing is essential. Without it, there’s a good chance your competitors will outshine you.

If you haven’t already, head over to and complete your profile. Follow all the steps they give you to set up your account and then add as much info to your listing as you possibly can. It’s the only way to optimize it adequately, and rank higher in Google’s listings.

3. Start a Referral Program

Leveraging your existing clients is often one of the easiest ways to find new work. Therefore, we recommend rewarding those who send jobs your way. This is what we call a referral program.

Think about what your customers really want or need and then consider giving it to them for free- perhaps a discount on the project you’re currently completing for them?

4. Hire a Social Media Manager

It doesn’t matter what business blog you read; they’re all screaming the same thing- a presence on social media is essential.

Therefore, you need to ensure you’re using these channels to their full potential.

If you’re clueless when it comes to this sort of thing; we thoroughly recommend handing over the reins to a professional who knows their stuff.

Did You Enjoy These Plumber Marketing Tips?

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