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Let’s Go Shopping: The Top Retail Marketing Ideas to Attract More Shoppers

The Top Retail Marketing Ideas to Attract More Shoppers

Are you looking to bring more shoppers into your retail store? If so, read on to learn about the top retail marketing ideas to attract more shoppers.

Americans be shoppin’! It sounds cliche, but it’s true! The recession is over and retail sales are recovering at a staggering pace.

In 2017, retail sales in the United States hit a record high of 5.7 trillion dollars!

With so many people spending their hard earned dollars in the retail space again, now is a perfect time to refresh your marketing campaign and get the foot traffic flowing again.

We have some great ideas to jumpstart your retail marketing strategy and drive in a stampede of foot traffic. Keep reading to learn more!

Take Advantage of Social Media

These days, consumer traffic tends to focus on websites like Facebook, Instagram, and Twitter. So, If that’s where the customers are, that’s where you need to focus your marketing.

A survey reports about 90% of American businesses say their social marketing efforts have increased exposure for their business. On top of that, 75% say they have noticed increased traffic as well.

Another benefit of using social media marketing is the ability to target your customer demographic. Set a few keyword interests and location for your company, that way people with matching interests in your area can see your ads more often.

Guerrilla Retail Marketing Campaigns

Jumping out of the digital world, and into the local area around your business, another great marketing option is the guerrilla campaign.

These kinds of campaigns can bring in great local business and also increase your visibility if you do it right.

Organize a street demonstration or open a limited time pop- up store in a busy location. The locals will associate your company with fun and joy and want to do more business with you.

Though many guerrilla marketing campaigns are a bit expensive, this is the perfect option for someone who likes to be creative and thinks outside the box.

Convey a Sense of Urgency

The power of the impulse buy is real!

People tend to have a fear of missing out (or FOMO) complex that causes them to buy on the spot and without much thought.

Putting a clear time limit on sales and deals is sure to put the pressure on the consumer and drive up sales.

Creative Remarketing

Retail MarketingOk, so your customer saw your ads, came in and bought something. Great! … now what?

Remember, it is much cheaper to keep a customer loyal than to find new customers. So, make sure you are remarketing to those customers to get them back in to buy more!

For instance, If you are working on spa marketing, you could offer a referral bonus to customers. Not only will they spread good “word of mouth” marketing, but then they will come back more often too!

Or, if you sell a consumable product, consider sending timely emails to the customers to remind them to restock on their favorite products.

Marketing Made Easy!

Now that you have some great inspiration for your next retail marketing campaign, let’s get started!

If you have a project you would like some advice on or help to get your marketing off the ground, contact us today!