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Spa Marketing: 5 Spa-rkling Ideas to Promote Your Business

Spa Marketing: 5 Spa-rkling Ideas to Promote Your Business

If you run your own spa, then marketing is a powerful way to help grow your business. We look at 5 creative spa marketing ideas to have the clients flooding in.

It doesn’t matter what niche or industry your business operates in – you need a marketing strategy.

If you own or run a spa, your spa marketing strategy is going to be individual to your requirements. What is it you need to build on to bring in the customers?

Of course, figuring that out isn’t always easy, especially if you’ve got a business to run.

That’s where this guide can help. Here are five easy ways you can use spa marketing to promote your business today.

1. Use Social Media

Social media is an easy and free way to connect with your customers. You don’t need to pay anything to create a Twitter or Facebook account, but you do need a strategy to build your social media connections.

You can only really use social media if enough people can see your content. Post regularly, respond to customer questions and use photos to generate interest in what your spa has to offer to encourage social sharing.

These kinds of spa promo ideas go a long way towards generating brand trust and recognition for your spa in your local area.

Here are 12 ways a business like yours can improve their presence on social media networks to generate new business.

2. Grab Your Business Listings

When somebody searches for ‘spas in your town name’, you want to be at the top of the search results.

An easy way to build your profile, and improve your local SEO efforts, is to register your business on listing sites and platforms like Google My Business.

You can keep your business information up-to-date, and it acts as another positive marker for Google when it decides on your search ranking, so it should be near the top of your spa marketing strategy list.

Learn more about Google My Business and the benefits it could offer you from this Google help guide.

3. Work on Your Website

You don’t want to confuse your customers with a cluttered or unoptimized website.

Optimize your site for what your customers need and expect. Make sure your contact information and opening times, as well as the services you offer, are easily accessible to potential customers.

You also want to be sure that your website loads well for mobile devices. You’ll put customers off if you don’t, but you’ll also harm your Google search position, with Google moving to a mobile-first search index.

Need some help jazzing up your website? Then check out our web design advice tips for some inspiration.

4. Create Inviting Promotions for First Time Customers

If you’re reaching out to new customers, you’re going to be faced with fierce competition from other spa operators. The purpose of having good spa marketing strategies is to help these customers choose you over your competitors.

To help do that, why not invest in a little bit of first-time bribery? Promotional offers for first-time customers can help overcome any shyness they might feel about going to a spa for the first time.

It’s a new customer for you, and it’s also a great way to make your new customer feel a little special in the first place.

After all, first impressions count.

5. Start Offering Referral Bonuses

Don’t forget to build relationships with your existing customers, too. Every new customer you hold onto brings a chain of potential new customers with them.

Friends, family members, loved ones. They can all be encouraged to visit your spa, and you can be savvy in exploiting this by using referral bonuses to encourage it.

Offering discounts or bonuses for customers who refer others can build a steady stream of new customers from your existing customer base, without having to spend any additional money on marketing.

Spa Marketing

Spa Marketing

Get Ahead with These Spa Marketing Tips

You need to build on your spa marketing with a strategy that can get you ahead of your competitors.

The web offers the kind of free publicity you can use to bring in new customers, but only if you leverage it effectively. Create your business listings, use social media effectively and make your website easily accessible for visitors.

Promotions and referral bonuses are a good way to bring in new customers, so think about what you can offer here.

If you need some help with your marketing strategy, then take a look at the services we could offer you┬áto see if we can help. Want to know more? Send us a message and we’ll evaluate your website, free of charge.

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